Scanning Pens expanding in Canada

Scanning Pens has had a presence in Canada since 2017, aiding students and struggling readers with our pens. Bringing support to schools and customers all across North America is a daunting task that Scanning Pens has dived right into. We’ve become well established in the U.S and we recently hit a milestone in Canada. After two years of tireless work in the Great White North, we have had to make the move to a bigger office. This move is just one aspect of the growth in our global presence.


With the opening of our office in Mumbai, exporting to South and Central America, and the development of our Australian office, Scanning Pens is constantly growing worldwide. Winning the Exporter of the Year award at the prestigious Bett 2019 Awards was the perfect example of how far we’ve grown. Our ReaderPen and ExamReader has supported more students this past year than ever before. Improving student attainment isn’t our only goal at Scanning Pens, we’ve made huge steps towards improving the literacy skills in the workplace.


Dave Parkes, the Head of Canada Business Development, stated:


“This move is a huge milestone for us. It’s a great indicator of how our hard work is paying off after expanding our employee base to the point of needing more space. We attend events all around Canada to show people what Scanning Pens can do for their students or kids, even people in the workplace, and can’t wait to help more.”


Scanning Pens has also made a push to promote the development of future strategies for young learners after discovering through studies the effectiveness of early implementation.


About Scanning Pens:


Scanning Pens is one of the largest suppliers of text scanners in the world, a reading support technology implemented to help struggling readers comprehend text. The Reader Pen and  Exam Reader are key examples of products that help users improve their literacy skills and attainment in exams respectively.


We have been working towards breaking down barriers around dyslexia since founding over 15 years ago. Our hard work has awarded us accolades from some of the most prestigious awarding boards in the edutech industry. You can find our remarkable technology around the globe, revealing potential in students with dyslexia and other reading difficulties.