Join the conversation: Why Teachers Should Join Twitter

It’s fair to say that teachers are often generalised as a downtrodden bunch. This stereotype leads people to think of a teacher and see an image of exhausted, underpaid, and overworked individual, just hoping for a chance to get a break. But this is far from reality. The majority of teachers – of all ages and nationalities – are dedicated professionals excited to learn and share new teaching strategies that really work.

Whether you’re an educator yourself, or a parent looking for fun ways to get your kids to learn, there’s an endless supply of helpful resources at your fingertips. Whatever you are looking for, it’s likely that someone else has already put the hard-work into creating the content you need. Although, clicking around the net can make a chore out of finding the best information for you.

Image: Unsplash

Image: Unsplash

So, where can you go?

Facebook and Twitter are both enormously popular with educating professionals, who often share insightful resources – from lesson plan ideas to SEND parenting tips. On these channels, you are in reach of a like-minded community, who are eager to shape their strategies to fit individual’s needs. On Twitter, you can find educational influencers, SENDCo’s and professors, each one with many golden nuggets of information to share.

It’s never been easier to get a hold of a range of teaching styles, tailored to a wide range of learners. With the digital revolution being harnessed at every level of the education sector, don’t miss out on learning something new online!

Where to start?

Set-up your very own Twitter profile, and begin! It’s that simple.

A good place to start is following a list of key people of influence, those who can provide real value to your Twitter experience. Here’s a few of our favourites to get you started - @mr_englishteach, @MrsSpalding, and @ictmagic. If you’re hoping for more specialist suggestions, check out @ArranDyslexia, @cherrylkd, and @nancygedge.

PS: Our very own Head of Education, Julia Clouter (@JuliaClouter) is ready to welcome you to the Scanning Pens Twitter network. Follow Julia today and feel free to go to her for any SEND support, or education and dyslexia resources. 

Don’t forget – we’re avid tweeters ourselves. Let us welcome you to the wonderful world of Twitter and follow us - @ScanningPens.

See you there!