ReaderPen’s New Dictionary for Primary Education: The World of Words in your Hand

 Scanning Pens Ltd is proud to announce the addition of the Oxford Primary Dictionary to our C-Pen ReaderPen. The inclusion of this simplified dictionary is perfect for any young eager readers out there with its straightforward definitions. The ReaderPen has also been designed to support anyone who is learning English and those who have reading difficulties such as dyslexia.


It’s not just ideal for personal use but the introduction of the Oxford Primary Dictionary makes the classroom a fun experience for everyone. The Headteacher of Lilleshall Primary School had this to say after trying the new and improved pen:


“(one of her students) said: It has helped me a lot and meant that I can be more independent. . . I am getting higher marks and it makes me feel better about myself


Dyslexia Advisor with Scanning Pens, Arran Smith also commented. “This new feature will help pupils in all ages to succeed in their everyday studies and through that improve the confidence and attainment. The ReaderPen is easy to use. Simply pass the nib across a word and it instantly displays the definition and reads it aloud”.


Scanning Pens Ltd has been distributing specialised assistive technology reading pens for over 15 years. The inclusion of the Oxford Primary Dictionary in our C-Pen ReaderPen is the latest of our efforts to improve the reading comprehension and student attainment of our customers.


To try the C-Pen Reader in real life situations and see the benefits of the device, Scanning Pens provides free 30-day trials for schools. For more information please visit –


Exam Accommodations in South Africa

South Africa is an emerging opportunity for BETT 2018 Award finalists Scanning Pens Ltd based in Telford UK with additional offices in USA, Canada and Australia. The ExamReader pen which is approved for use in all GCSE’s by the JCQ to support students who have reading difficulties such as dyslexia independently take exams knowing they can read and understand the questions. This revolutionary device has now won approval by the Western Cape Examination Department and Independent Exam Board of South Africa.

The ReaderPen and ExamReader pen recently won the prestigious Eduweek Africa Award for Innovation at the conference held in Johannesburg in June underlining how effective use of technology has impact upon student’s daily lives.

The scanning pen allows students who have dyslexia or other reading difficulties to work independently and to access text without the need for continued teacher intervention and support freeing up valuable time within lessons.

In a recent report conducted by Bath Spa University in a multicultural, urban school in the UK found, “...that many of the participants did benefit from the development of vocabulary, reading comprehension, confidence and independence through the six weeks of pen use, particularly when given the freedom to use them both at home and at school.” (Mortimore, 2018)

About Scanning Pens

Founded in 2003 Scanning Pens is a dedicated supplier of assistive technologies including mobile scanners and reading aids to support people with a diverse range of disabilities. Scanning Pens have recently launched their Succeed with Dyslexia campaign which aims to re-establish self-confidence and provide the opportunity to succeed and champion that anything is possible with dyslexia.

For further information please visit #succeedwithdsylexia

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