Scanning Pens Opens Office In Mumbai!

We’re making a move to Mumbai! Scanning Pens is ecstatic to announce we’re opening an office in Mumbai, putting Scanning Pens employees in four continents around the world. By setting up a satellite in India we can start working towards improving literacy rates and English comprehension across the country. Our support throughout Asia will continue to improve over the coming years, bringing assistive tech to those that need it.


Our new employees in India are a welcome addition to the team, bringing an approach to every aspect of our company. We can’t wait to see how students respond to the reading support our pens can provide them.


Scanning Pens has had a huge year since winning the Exporter of the year at Bett awards. A well-earned victory gained through our talented staff’s hard work that we’ve continued to prove the right choice. Scanning Pens has brought the ReaderPen and ExamReader to south and central America for the first time ever over the past few months, while continuing to grow everywhere else. Our studies have helped us understand that early intervention is one of the best ways to improve reading difficulties, allowing Scanning Pens to develop a future strategy for young students.


Our CEO and co-founder, Jack Churchill, had this to say about our expansion into India:

“As we grow, Scanning Pens spreads awareness about the struggles that people with reading difficulties face and what kind of support they can get. We believe completely in the love of literacy and what reading independence can do for people’s confidence. We hope to someday show the millions of struggling readers their potential, and our Mumbai office is another great step towards that goal.”


About Scanning Pens:

Scanning Pens is one of the largest suppliers of text scanners in the world, a reading support technology implemented to help struggling readers comprehend text. The Reader Pen and  Exam Reader are key examples of products that help users improve their literacy skills and attainment in exams respectively.


We have been working towards breaking down barriers around dyslexia since founding over 15 years ago. Our hard work has awarded us accolades from some of the most prestigious awarding boards in the edutech industry. You can find our remarkable technology around the globe, revealing potential in students with dyslexia and other reading difficulties