Go Red - A Global Dyslexia Awareness Campaign Inspired by Code Reads Light it Red

For the past few years, Scanning Pens have been supporting dyslexia awareness month any way we can. This year is no different, but we’re going even bigger than last year.

We’re going to be taking the Code Read Light it Red campaign global with our own movement, #GoRed this dyslexia awareness month (October).

Sandra Marshall, one of the founders of the Code Read Australian Dyslexia Network had this to say about Go Red: “We appreciate your support with our campaigns. Dyslexia is such a paradox. So many successful people with it, and yet so many other people struggling. It's the strugglers that we are fighting for. The ones without identification, intervention, and support. And that is probably 80% of dyslexics?” 

#GoRed - US

#GoRed - US

Code Read: Light it Red

Code Read is an Australian dyslexia network, which includes parents, carers, educations, health professionals, and people with dyslexia. Everyone working to further Code Read have been impacted by dyslexia in some way. The driving force is to find those in need of support and fix the systems in place that let struggling readers down.

In 2015, Code Read created a major event called ‘Light it Red for Dyslexia’. This event was initially thought up to bring awareness to dyslexia and has since taken off. Code Read has achieved the following light ups: Sydney Town Hall (which is quite spectacular), NSW State Library, Luna Park, and Darling Quarter

#GoRed - UK

#GoRed - UK

Go Red for Dyslexia

Go Red is a new international movement supported by the global dyslexia associations to raise awareness of dyslexia. Go Red is supported by Scanning Pens. Scanning Pens constantly strive to empower dyslexic people to get support and help they need to study, work, and live independently. The hope is that we can break down the barriers that dyslexics face day-to-day, levelling the playing field to give people with dyslexia equal opportunities.

Go Red hopes to expand dyslexia awareness globally by turning landmarks, buildings, and even people red, all over the world.

What can you do to help?

Spread the news! The best thing you can do to help us is share the campaign. Host a ‘Go Red’ event at your workplace in October, dye your hair red for the month, or even just post about it using our hashtag, #GoRed.

Whatever you can do to help get the word out, can change the life of a struggling reader.

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To learn more about the movement to increase awareness of dyslexia, visit: www.go-red.net