Breaking down exam accommodation barriers at this year’s Annual IDA Conference

Breaking down barriers in exams is priority and a core message shared by Scanning Pens CEO Mr Jack Churchill at the opening general session kicking off this year’s Annual IDA Conference which Scanning Pens is delighted to support and sponsor for the second year running.


This year’s opening session begins with a timely and relevant question: We know what we know, so what do we do now? Implementing best practices in all schools.


To support this relevant question Jack highlighted the importance of dyslexia assessments and exam accommodations during his opening speech.


Jack said “My Great Grandfather Sir Winston Churchill famously struggled in school. Accommodations have improved for today’s students but in my mind, it’s not gone far enough. The point of exams is to ensure students are tested on their knowledge of a given subject, not their ability to read and assistive technology like the ReaderPen and ExamReader can enable students to read exam questions themselves which develops independent and confident people fit for work.” 

During the 4-day conference, held at Foxwoods Resort, Connecticut, the conference attracts thousands of researchers, clinicians, parents, teachers, psychologists, educational therapists, and people with dyslexia who will share their perspectives and ideas on key dyslexic topics including the support of assistive technology.

New this year at the conference is a deeper dive into current dyslexia research where Scanning Pens will share their latest research study on the use and impact of Scanning Pens by students independently carried out by Bath Spa University which showed significant increase in learners understanding when tested on their reading comprehension when using the ReaderPen. 


To watch the full opening speech by Mr Jack Churchill please follow link -

During the conference Scanning Pens will be offering free 30-day trials to all educational providers as well as many competition prizes including free pen giveaways, for more information please visit booth #511 or



ReaderPen’s New Dictionary for Primary Education: The World of Words in your Hand

 Scanning Pens Ltd is proud to announce the addition of the Oxford Primary Dictionary to our C-Pen ReaderPen. The inclusion of this simplified dictionary is perfect for any young eager readers out there with its straightforward definitions. The ReaderPen has also been designed to support anyone who is learning English and those who have reading difficulties such as dyslexia.


It’s not just ideal for personal use but the introduction of the Oxford Primary Dictionary makes the classroom a fun experience for everyone. The Headteacher of Lilleshall Primary School had this to say after trying the new and improved pen:


“(one of her students) said: It has helped me a lot and meant that I can be more independent. . . I am getting higher marks and it makes me feel better about myself


Dyslexia Advisor with Scanning Pens, Arran Smith also commented. “This new feature will help pupils in all ages to succeed in their everyday studies and through that improve the confidence and attainment. The ReaderPen is easy to use. Simply pass the nib across a word and it instantly displays the definition and reads it aloud”.


Scanning Pens Ltd has been distributing specialised assistive technology reading pens for over 15 years. The inclusion of the Oxford Primary Dictionary in our C-Pen ReaderPen is the latest of our efforts to improve the reading comprehension and student attainment of our customers.


To try the C-Pen Reader in real life situations and see the benefits of the device, Scanning Pens provides free 30-day trials for schools. For more information please visit –